Sunday, May 27, 2007

Apples -- No wonder Eve was tempted

I love a good apple. In fact, biting into a planned lunchtime apple that is mealy will literally ruin my day. I become ornery. My husband likes apples, too.

So I was really pleased with the Granny Smith I picked up a quick trip to the Teet this afternoon. It was just crunchy and tart enough to make my little Deb heart sigh in muted satisfaction. I did two things with this ridiculously tasty apple:

1. Added thin slices of it to my grilled cheese sammich -- holy Jezebel. I'm not joking. The sweetness of the cheese cuts through the tarty apple taste and just makes you want to find religion. For real. I threw in some arugula for good measure, but really just because it was handy.

2. Paired it with a cup of Jello's new Sugar-free, 60 Calorie "dulce de leche" pudding. Sweet Rosemary's baby. Another nearly effortless experience in total deliciousness!! This particular flavor of pudding comes with a Splend-iferic caramel topping. I mean, for tiny calories, both these options made for a fairly decadent Sunday, ya'll, and it's only 2 PM. Lord only knows what the night will bring!


Rebecca said...

I think grilled cheese with apple is a brilliant combination; there's a restaurant/club in State College, PA where my husband performs with his band that has that on their menu. I always get it when we go there. What kind of cheese did you use?

The Dainty Deb said...

I like sharp white cheddar, but I also toyed with the idea of sprinkling some parmesan on top, too. That's so cool that a restaurant serves it! I would totally order it off a menu if I saw it! :)