Friday, March 9, 2007

Introduction and Welcome

OR: Why I'm No Longer a Beast

I quit smoking three years ago and promtly ate my own body-weight in Chex Mix. Trust me, this is what you do when you are suddenly deprived of the sweet, sweet taste of burning tobacco leaves.

I left the weight on for a while because, frankly, I didn't have the time to lose it. I was busy eating other foods in body-weight quantities. I love to eat. It's something I'm good at.

But then I went to England this summer and for the first time learned to fear food. For the first time, the idea of dinner was met with an inner shiver of horror. So I dropped five pounds quick. (Thanks, UK. Sorry 'bout the tea...) Anyway. That was a good jumpstart.

And I love to cook. I list it as a hobby; my secret dream is to run a bed and breakfast; my dog and I watch the foodnetwork like it's our job; I fantasize about detroying Rachel Ray in a deadly knife fight. I actualy get pissed if I miss Paula Dean's intro. But instead of cooking with lard, I try to make food which is as dainty as I would like to be. And now I'm back down to my fighting-weight, and I really think it's because of how much I enjoy being in the kitchen.

So come here and check in for recipes and stories of kitchen woes. Like the time I nearly set our apt. on fire with a pot of oil. Or when I nearly killed my husband, Stephen, with a toothpick left in his rolled chicken cutlet.

I'm an fool, but first and foremost, I'm a COOKING fool.

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