Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ah, the 70s -- WW Recipe Cards

I have never actually attended a Weight Watchers meeting (I'm shy), but I like their extensive line of cookbooks. Well, I say that, but yet I've altered and mangled almost every one of the recipes which I've gleaned from those cookbooks, so they really serve more as inspirational guides.

Apparently, though, WW went thru a rough patch in the 70s. I came across this website and nearly died laughing. Who dies laughing at recipe cards? One might ask. One would clearly have not seen THESE recipe cards. Highlights include the Mexican Shrimp Orange Salad, the Chilled Celery Log, the sad, sad Slender Quenchers, a Jellied Tomatoe Refresher and the Mousse of Salmon (which is, incidentally, shaped like a salmon).

Start at the begining of the slide show and take your time. Really peruse these gems and then thank GOD that the 70s are behind us all.


TDEC said...

Hell, those are funny. And I like your recipes. I mean I like reading them, I'm too lazy to actually try things.

The Dainty Deb said...

LOL -- your honesty never fails to make me smile. And it's heartening to know that I am still mildly entertaining even when listing recipe ingrediants. It's actually MORE flattering because you don't bother with trying to cook them...