Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summery Chowder

This recipe is perfect in the summer-time, for all that it's a soup. It's perfect for a rainy summer day indoors, which was yesterday to a T. It's also a quick soup to make, and just bursting with fresh flavor. Make sure you get local, fresh corn and hunt for some whole wheat bread bowls -- they're worth it for the extra fiber and texture!

There are 4 servings, about 1 1/2 cups per serving, and each serving of chowder is 4 WW points, about 230 calories, while the bread bowl will vary.

Summery Chowder

You'll need:

2 smallish Yukon potatoes
cook spray
1/2 C. celery
1 large shallot, chopped
2 -- 3 pieces corn on the cob, kernels removed with knife
1 small jar diced pimentos
3 -- 4 sun-dried tomatoes, diced
4 oz. diced Canadian bacon
2 C. skim milk
salt, pepper to taste
Tabasco sauce, to taste

Bread bowls

Puncture your potatoes and put them on high in your microwave for about 8 minutes, rotating. Allow to cool, then you're going to peel and mash them in a little bowl.

Coat a large sauce pan with spray, then add celery, shallot, corn, pimentos and tomatoes. Saute over medium high for 5 minutes until all is tender. Stir in bacon and milk, then add mashed potatoes. Mix well, then season to taste; stir and combine. Cover and simmer, just under a boil, for at least 10 minutes. You can leave it on low heat until ready to serve, if needed.

Scoop into bread bowls, then top with sliced green onions and shredded low-fat cheddar. Serve with the removed tops of the bread bowls toasted to dunk with. Delicious and filling!

You can replace the veggies in this with any of your favorites. I think that broccoli would be great, as would fresh bell peppers.


oldmangamer said...

Made this last night with mostly stuff from the local farmer's market. Skipped the bread bowls 'cause they're not in the budget. It was wonderful, and an excellent base to try other seasonal ingredients. Thanks!
-- Gerry

The Dainty Deb said...

Thanks so much for sharing your success, Gerry! I am a huge fan of utilizing the local farmer's markets. They're so much better for quality and price.

Joy W. said...

Wow! That looks great! I think my kids would LOVE this, and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bread bowls!!
I'm definitely giving this a try!

The Dainty Deb said...

Let us know how it turns out! And hey, kids aren't the only ones who love bread bowls. I have a perverse love of food that comes served in more food. :)